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G2E Mech - For all your Gas to Energy mechanical design needs

The Renewable Gas to Energy Design Experts

No-one knows more about the design of renewable gas to energy systems than G2E Mech.

We develop hardware solutions for process problems in renewable gas to energy systems.

Our services include Project Development, Project Application Engineering, Mechanical & Process Equipment Design, Fabrication & Manufacturing Support and Industrial Control Systems. We find solutions that benefit our clients by leveraging our mechanical, electrical, control and process experience.

Our Areas of Expertise


BioGas Treatment

There are many approaches to BioGas treatment that can reduce CO2 and other emissions (H2S, Siloxane and H2O), while improving the heating value of the gas.


BioGas Upgrading

Biogas contains a significant amount of H2S, NH3 and siloxane. BioGas upgrading is essential for peak system performance.


BioGas Generation with Reciprocating and Turbine Prime Movers

Regardless of your chosen Prime Mover, from reciprocating engines to turbines, we’ve got you covered.


Synthesis Gas Treatment

We can optimize your SynGas treatment approach for the purity requirements of any subsequent processes.


Synthesis Gas Upgrading

We can design processes to remove particulate matter, H2S and tars, as needed.


Industrial Engine Generator Set Exhaust Treatment (NO, NO2, CO and NH3)

Exhaust treatment processes can help ensure compliance with stricter emissions regulations.


Proactive Problem Solvers

Client needs come first. We are committed to solving your problems in a timely, efficient manner.


Broad Business Focus

We bring decades of experience in training, product engineering, after-market support and process improvement.


The Best Tools

We combine our experience with the best tools for design and simulation to deliver the results your project needs.

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