National Steel & Ship Building / Gantry Crane Projects

Application Solutions was contracted to provide support for several systems that were sold while Gerrit Marks was employed at Cummins Cal Pacific Inc. and Hawthorne Power Systems.

The systems that were sold while employed at CCPI and HPS were prime power diesel generators sets that provided electric power to 100, 150 and 300 ton gantry cranes installed at the shipyard.

Each system consisted of a prime diesel generator set, electric furnace, diesel particulate filter and SCR systems. Each system operated approximately 2000 hours per year and complied with a NOx emission rate of 25ppm, CO emission rated of 200 ppmv and PM10 emission rate of 0.15g/bhp-hr.

The scope of Application Solutions work was to provide technical assistance on equipment that was no longer being supported by CCPI or HPS or their vendors.